Team Captains only & Dancers

Because of the great number of  expected dancers from many countries.

  • There is NO check- in for dancers on a “one by one” basis.
  • Please have 1 person (team captain) collect and pay the (full set of) start numbers and wristbands at the check-in.
  • The team captain collects in advance the total amount of money of all dancers of your club.
  • Pease put on the wristbands outside the entrance hall or in the car/bus. Keep the check-in and entrance always free (don’t just standing around and wait)
  • Cancellations must however be paid!
  • The wristband MUST be worn during the whole event. If the wristband is lost, the dancer must purchase a ticket to come into the hall.

The team captains will receive all necessary information about the entrance of the dancer at the check-in:

  • All start numbers in a prepared envelope for their dance school/club
  • Receive all information and time schedule they need for the event.
  • All wristbands for the dancers and coaches
  • For participants who one day take part in the competition, have two days admission.
  • One Hip Hop formation enter the competion is one free ticket for the teamkaptain. The same is for the Hip Hop Groups

Entrance Tickets for visitors may be bought at the daily ticket office.

Thank you for your understanding
team captainIMG_7026IMG_6927