Tickets Dutch Open 2019

                        Saturday:                                    Sunday:                                                
Doors open:             07:30           Doors open:            07:15
Competition ends: 22:00           Competition ends: 15:30

20,00 € per weekend ticket
12,00 € per day
Children up to 5 years and 65+: free entry

Ticket office is on the right side of the corridor.
Visitors with a wristbands is on the left side of the corridor
If you want to buy a ticket for more visitors! Stand in a row with one person
Pease put the wristbands around your wrist
Keep the check-in and entrance always free (don’t just standing around and wait)
The wristband MUST be worn during the whole event.
If the wristband is lost, the visitor must purchase a ticket to come into the hall.

By Category / per dancer 10.00 euro
     For participants who take part one day  competition, have two days entry.

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