Result of the Dutch Open 2008
january 26 and 27, 2008 in Mill, Netherlands.
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Break Dance Solos ChildrenBreak Dance Solos JuniorsBreak Dance Solos Adults
Break Dance Groups JuniorsBreak Dance Groups Adults
Electric Boogie Solos ChildrenElectric Boogie Solos JuniorsElectric Boogie Solos Adults
Electric Boogie Duos Adults
Hip Hop Duos Children MasterHip Hop Duos Juniors MasterHip Hop Duos Adults Master
Hip Hop Duos Children PreChampsHip Hop Duos Juniors PreChampsHip Hop Duos Adults PreChamps
Hip Hop Formations ChildrenHip Hop Formations JuniorsHip Hop Formations Adults
Hip Hop Groups ChildrenHip Hop Groups Juniors MasterHip Hop Groups Adults Master
Hip Hop Groups Juniors PreChampsHip Hop Groups Adults PreChamps
Hip Hop Groups Adults2
Hip Hop Solos female Children MasterHip Hop Solos female Juniors MasterHip Hop Solos female Adults Master
Hip Hop Solos female Children PreChampsHip Hop Solos female Juniors PreChampsHip Hop Solos female Adults PreChamps
Hip Hop Solos male ChildrenHip Hop Solos male JuniorsHip Hop Solos male Adults
Streetdance Show Groups JuniorsStreetdance Show Groups Adults